Accommodation in Paris

Finding accommodation during an Erasmus exchange period in Paris can be very difficult, as there is a lack of student dorms and other kinds of accommodation. Normally, it is also quite expensive.

La Cité International Universitaire de Paris, located nearby a big park in the southern parts of central Paris, offers rooms for incoming international students at a reasonable price. There are several houses where you can apply for accommodation, and normally the house is accommodated both by students from the country of the house as well as other international students. Maison des Étudiants Suédois is one of the houses that offers accommodation to Swedish and other international students.

Both KI students and the staff at our universities recommend prospective exchange students to apply for accommodation through La Cité.

Cite Universitaire. Photo: David Bertho, CCBY2.0

Cite Universitaire. Photo: David Bertho, CCBY2.0


Université Pierre et Marie Curie

The study programme in Medicine at KI has three partner universities in Paris. As they are all situated quite near each other, I also popped by the offices of my colleagues while being in the city.

UPMC Main campus

Université Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC) is located close to the metro station Jussieu. You will find the Bureau des Relations Internationales in the tallest building right in the centre of the main campus. The Faculty of Medicine is located just a short walk away, located in the large Hôpital Universitaire La Pitié Salpétrière.

Medical students that carry out Erasmus exchange period at UPMC normally carry out their exchange studies through one or two stages (internship), at the hospital where they stay minimum 2 months per stage.

Université Paris Diderot

I visited my colleagues at Université Paris Diderot, to get an insight of their work with internationalisation and exchange programmes.

The Bureau des Relations Internationales is found on Rue Thomas Mann, in a recently refurbished area in the 13th arrondisement. Previously, there was an old mill factory there, which explains the name of the building Grand Moulins de Paris. The Faculty of Medicine and the affiliated hospitals are situated in the northern parts of Paris, and it takes some time to travel between the different premises.

We shared information on how our programmes are structured, and where the best exchange opportunities are. I got an overview of how they work at their university and have brought back with me a few ideas that we perhaps can develop at home.

It has been a very enriching and interesting visit, and I believe that the fruitful cooperation between our universities will maintain.

A student’s city

Besides the excellent opportunities to practice and improve your French as well as study medicine in another environment, there are also so many things to do and see in Paris. No wonder Paris is a popular destination for our students.


I met three KI students that are currently doing an Erasmus+ exchange at Université Paris Diderot. After a few confusions in the beginning of their exchange they all settled in well, and now with only a few weeks left of the exchange they are all astonished how fast time has run. Two of them would even like to stay longer, which I think is a good receipt of a well-performed exchange… They have experienced both similarities and differences in the health care and education systems in Stockholm and Paris, and the exchange has prepared them for their future work as medical doctors.


If anyone wants to encourage students to do an exchange in Paris, be advised though that good skills in the French language is necessary. This is something that both the students and the staff that I met pointed out. Even though the academic and administrative staff as well as fellow students speak English, the patients normally don’t and it is a must to be able to communicate with them. A level B2 according to the CEFR scale is highly recommended.

Visiting Paris

La tour Eiffel
Bonjour! Today my staff exchange in Paris begins! I am very excited about this trip, where I will visit our partners with whom we have exchanged so many students during the past ten years.

I work as an international coordinator for the study programme in Medicine (among other programmes). We have signed Erasmus agreements with three partner universities in Paris. My main host works at Université Paris Diderot, but I plan on also visiting our partners at Université Pierre et Marie Curie and Université Paris Descartes while being in the city.

My main reasons for applying to the staff exchange programme was to get a deeper insight into how the exchange programme is managed at our partner universities, to meet colleagues in France and I hope to inspire more French students to apply for an exchange study period at KI. I also believe I will bring back new ideas on how to work with the Erasmus programme at home. Additionally, personal meetings with colleagues at home or abroad are invaluable when it comes to collaboration.